Quality Interconnect & EMC Solutions


Amphenol Fiber Systems International

Fiber optic Connectors and cable assemblies.Hermaphroditic, TFOCA (Mil-C-83256), TFOCA II and TFOCA-X Hermaphroditic single terminus (HST), Shipboard Mil-C-28876, Aerospace and Mil-C-38999.Mil-C-29504 Termini.Fiberoptic cable assemblies to Military requirements and ruggedized. ISO 9001 certified.

EBY- Interconnection Products

Card Edge Connectors, Custom Cable Assemblies, Tip and Test Jacks, Binding Posts and Custom Molding and Stamping. Comply with MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Q_9858

Filconn Incorporated

EMI, RFI, and EMP connectors also (MOV technology) designs and manufacturers custom aerospace and mil-spec grade specialty connectors. Their primary focus is filter and transient suppression connectors. ISO 9001 certified.
HCC Industries - an Ametek Company
  • Hermetic Seal -Glass to metal sealed connectors, headers and feedthrus. Custom designs, high and low volume. Exotic materials.ISO 9001 certified.
  • Glasseal -Hermetic micro-electronic packages to JEDEC standards, platforms, plug-ins, flat packs, Optical network packages, windows, rectangular connectors and feed-thrus. ISO 9001 certified.
  • Sealtron -Mil spec and commercial circular hermetic connectors. Mil 38999,26500,83723, 26482 and 5015.Euro ESC10&11.ISO 9001 certified.

IEH Corporation

Printed wiring circuit connectors with Hypertac or screw machine contacts.Mil-C-55302/55 thru 64/138/139,190 thru 193.D55302/161&164. Custom and special designs for any application. SBA Hub Zone manufacturer. ISO 9001 certified.

Itron Corporation

Backplane connectors NAFI type, High density daughter card connectors.SEM and ISEM to Mil-C-28754,Mil-C-55302.Card cage assemblies and unique custom requirements. ISO 9000 certified